Taxpayer Advocacy – Past Due Tax Issues & IRS Representation

You might faithfully file your taxes every year, but situations can arise that could make it difficult for you to pay back all the taxes the government determines that you owe. It could be that you had every intention to repay your past due taxes, but life circumstances got in the way. Or there could be taxes that were never filed. You might even be facing an audit. Whatever the case, when you do hear again from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it could be potentially bad news–anything from wage garnishment to a levy on your bank account or even a lien on your property. 

At NMS Certified Public Accountants, we understand what you’re up against, and we’re here to help. Past due tax issues will not resolve themselves, and the sooner you can meet with us to get started toward resolution, the better. Our certified tax accountants work along with you and help you to interact with the IRS. We’re on your team, and with our experience and expertise we can come to a satisfactory resolution for everyone involved.

Filing Returns

If the IRS is contacting you regarding unfiled tax returns, it is vital to file them right away, whether you are able to pay or not. This will help to avoid potential criminal charges and limit penalties and interest that can otherwise quickly pile up. Our certified tax accountant can handle the filing and help to clear up any misunderstandings with the IRS.

Obtain Your IRS File

If you've already filed, then a smart first step to handling any tax issues is obtaining your personal IRS file, available under the The Freedom of Information Act. A discreet request will not raise red flags with the IRS, and once we have the full file we can explain its contents to you. Once we more accurately know the recorded information we can develop a customized, informed, and responsive course of action.

IRS Audit Representation

If you receive an IRS Notice of Audit and Examination, you’ll need to provide the IRS with all necessary information so they can ensure that your taxes were filed correctly. An audit is a serious situation, and just as you wouldn’t represent yourself in court, it’s best to have expert representation from a certified tax accountant when dealing with the IRS. We will work to resolve the issue efficiently, saving you both time and expense.

Penalty and Interest Abatement

Stacked fees and penalties can make an otherwise reasonable past due tax bill feel insurmountable. The balance can continue to grow and lead to taxpayer overwhelm. Rely on your local accountant and CPA firm to tackle this for you. We can carefully assess whether the fees and interest are justified or if there is cause to request a reduction or elimination. In first-time cases, the likelihood is especially high that the IRS will be flexible.

Offer In Compromise

Once a certified tax accountant has worked with you and the IRS to obtain necessary information and potentially reduce penalties, they can then help you to take advantage of the government’s Offer In Compromise program. This offering allows you to pay what you can afford to pay, which may not necessarily be the amount you owe. Our CPA firm will help you to file an offer, and, once accepted, you will be considered current and in the clear.

Addressing Liens, Levies, Garnishments and Seizures

If you have overdue taxes on file, the IRS may begin to collect payment through wage garnishment, bank account levy, or even through a lien placed on your home or other assets. This situation can make it difficult for you to repay what you owe. Our certified tax accountants can take up your case with the IRS and can either prevent or lift these burdens so that you can work on repayment.

Installment Agreement

After excess fees and penalties are resolved, we will work with the IRS to develop an accepted repayment plan. This installment agreement typically allows for monthly payments toward your tax debts and will put an end to the threat of liens, levies, or garnishments.

Help for an Innocent Spouse

Under the 1998 IRS Restructuring Act, current or former spouses who can prove their innocence regarding their spouse’s owed taxes cannot be held liable. If the IRS is contacting you to collect on a spouse’s debts, reach out to your trusted local accountant for help.

State Tax Problem Resolution

If you’re experiencing problems with the IRS, it’s likely just a matter of time before local state authorities contact you. Our CPA firm can help you, with the same tools that we use with federal authorities.

Rely on Our Experienced CPA Firm

When tax authorities come knocking, turn to the experts and certified tax accountants at NMS Certified Public Accountants. We can ensure that the IRS is working within the applicable statute of limitations and gain access to the information we will need to successfully represent you. We will do all we can to come to a satisfactory resolution and help you get out from under weighty past due taxes and fees while protecting your legal rights. As a CPA firm we are qualified and authorized to represent you before the IRS in past-due tax matters. So make a decision to reduce stress and avoid miscommunication by relying on the professionals at NMS Certified Public Accountants.

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