Bank Loan Consulting and Bank Financing

Every business will eventually need to secure financing to help with growth, expansion, or other advancements. Development often depends on having adequate capital to get you from here to there. But there are so many financing opportunities available, and qualification requirements vary––a busy executive could need a partner to vett options and offer seasoned advice.

At NMS, we’re your local Ohio CPA firm, and we’re here to help by offering our bank loan consulting services and guiding you through the bank financing process. We’ll help your business find the best financing tools to support your company both now and in the future.

Our Consulting Process

To ensure that you find the best financing opportunity available, our team of certified public accountants will work with you to determine various aspects of your financial situation. As we discover and make note of revenue, cash flow, business history, and your business plan, we’ll also discuss your reasons for seeking financing and an ideal repayment schedule, along with an honest assessment of your credit profile. Once all this vital information is compiled, we can then work toward finding the right financing fit.

Facilitating a Financial Relationship

After gathering the above data, we can then work with you to find a bank that best fits your needs. We’ll then collaborate with the best financial institution for your circumstances to negotiate rates and terms that align with your needs and fit the bank’s criteria. At this point, we could need further information regarding your business’s assets. You can be rest assured that the NMS local CPA team is up-to-date on commercial loan regulations and requirements.

Finalizing Agreements

In addition to collecting and compiling information and assessing your loan or financing application, we can also review all loan agreements to ensure that your business and rights are protected and will be well-represented across documents. We’ll work hand-in-hand with both you and the bank to determine rates and terms. Our aim is to get you a reliable but quick turnaround in funding access, so that you can focus on growing your business!

Reach out to get in touch with the certified public accountants at the NMS CPA firm in Mentor, Ohio, and get started on the path to bank financing today!

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